21 July 2012

Darker Grey

I tried to stay away from Fifty Shades Darker, really, I did! My desire to consume all books I see got the better of me and I have delved in to see what I can find.

This is not a good book. The language is driving me up the wall and if anyone refers to their subconscious as their inner goddess, I cannot guarantee I will not cause them physical pain. I am finding the story line less offensive, but am still concerned at the attraction of a young and innocent girl to a man that is obviously well and truly mentally damaged.

I am still at a loss at how the connection has been made between 50 shades and Twilight. The only resemblances I can see are popularity and a concerning female attitude of "irrevocably" falling in love with a man... can anyone else say 'Cinderella re-write'?

I must say though, these books must give hope to some aspiring authors. If writing of this quality can become a big time in the mainstream land of readers, they don't have a particularly high bar to strive towards.


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