28 May 2012

I have recently rediscovered the joy that is free books handed to you at the library and have carted home two books I have been tempted to buy for a long while and another I have heard about but never investigate, until now...

I just finished reading 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society' and I am wishing I still had hundreds of pages remaining.

I love reading a good book, but there is that dreaded time when you read one that is so good there are few that can capture your attention and emotions for awhile after reading. I fear this may be one of those books.

I enjoy reading books presented as a series of letters, and this one especially so. I was fearful of becoming confused with the characters at first, but found the information at the start of each letter was enough to know who was who. There were a few times while reading I was sorely tempted to skip a few pages to see what was going to happen, but I didn't; okay, maybe just once.

I loved the snippets of information being included in letters to different people. I feel it kept it fresh and interesting, being included in with different tales and leading me to try to piece together who knew which secrets and what was left out, away from readers' eyes. I felt that staring into the distance remembering who had been told what and who had presented which theory helped create relationship with the characters and cement who fitted where and meant what to each other.

It became easy to forget the story was based upon survivors of a war an become carried away in the social twinnings and twistings. Events thrown in jolted the reality back causing what I can only assume a jolt such as would be the case for one attempting to forget it had happened. I am so very grateful to be one of  a much more peaceful generation and also that my culture recognises wars and those that allowed our peace.

The relationships were predictable but delightfully so, as it added to the suspense, waiting for what you knew was coming to eventuate and blossom. There were many 'Austen' moments and I was pleased at her mentions and recommendation to a male member of the society. The first mention of Jane brought a smile to my face and served only to intensify my love for this novel.

I give this book 5 potato peel pies out of 5 and am sorely tempted to order a copy for myself and gift one to my expecting cousin. I shall see how long I win against this temptation.

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