31 May 2012

Nam Le "The Boat"

'The Boat' has been on my 'want to buy' list for a number of months and I was delighted my local library had a copy. I started it yesterday and gave up this morning on page 97. I read the first two stories, started on the third and tried out a little of the last.

The beginning of the first story had me hooked, I was drawn into the characters life and the imagery was incredible, but the ending left me feeling very unsatisfied. I know a number of readers would love to say that this is a strong connection to the disappointments experienced in real life, but not me. I prefer a story that completes all major aspects and doesn't leave the reader hanging. Again, I acknowledge that a large number of readers appreciate a story that makes them think and leaves them with scenarios to ponder and figure out for themselves. I can appreciate this more in a longer story and not in a book of short stories when I want to go on to read the other stories.

I also feel as though the stories were trying too hard. It seemed like jumps between descriptions rather than  smooth flow of information and body.

I appreciate that a number of people like 'The Boat', but I will simply end by saying it is not for me.

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