16 June 2012

Bargain Book Buy

I love bargain books and even better is an entire store with books for $5.

My home town is moving up in the world and currently has a bargain book store, I think it may only be temporary and prices have dropped from $10 to $5 and I picked up three Cassandra Clare books today, City of Bones, City of Glass and Clockwork Angel. I have seen Clare's books popping up and have wanted to have a look see but haven't until now.

I must confess my satisfaction and excitement were waned upon trying to decide which series to read first. City of Bones is the first book in one series and was published first, but Clockwork Angel is the prequel to City of Bones. I asked the internet for help but received little clarification as some reviews I read told me some people started with the prequel while others enjoyed the other series better. I am sure I shall figure it out, but if I was an author who wrote a prequel after publishing a series I would publish a reading guide for any new readers.

I sure hope the bargain book store stays in town and/or more come along soon! I love cheap online book stores, but noting beats the elation of buying a cheap book and clutching a bag of new treasure straight away. Patience may be a virtue, but books are gold in my eyes!

~ K ~

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