13 June 2012

The Midwich Cuckoos

The Midwich Cuckoos was not what I was expecting.

I have not read any of John Wyndham's other books and was expecting them to be more like H.G. Wells. I was pleased and amused at the references to Wells made in the text.

I read this book while studying and completing uni exams so it took me about a week to read. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more if I had of read it faster. I felt there was no strong or compelling detail to keep the reader engaged and found myself drifting and easily bored while reading.

The ending seemed to have little build up while hinting several times to the outcome, making it predictable and I felt that deflated the conclusion.

I did however enjoy the overall concept and look forward to reading other books by Wyndham and also some more work by Wells.

~ K ~

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