27 August 2012

Dreams Stitching Together

It is so very exciting to see a project you dreamed up come to life. I have started a potentially silly project with my charm pack, but I have been enjoying it and that is all that matters.

My charm pack has made friends with four plain homespuns and is making a nest of 1/2" hexagons.

It is growing at a rapid rate

And is a craft I can do in the car too. Gotta love that.
I have many assessments to do in the next little while, so I fear this nest will be growing at a much slower rate, but it shall be waiting for me when time comes my way again.
I have also been enjoying Terry Pratchett's first book, 'The Colour of Magic' and am happy with my other potentially crazy decision to start at the beginning of his epic collection of Discworld novels. Loving it so much so far!


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