13 August 2012


I love it when you suddenly know what you want to do next - craft land-wise is where this mostly occurs for me, and I had one of those moments this morning.

I purchased a charm pack recently and have been longing to play with it to decide what I want to do with it and I had a lightning bolt of inspiration this morning.

I have decided that I will complement the prints from the charm pack with solids in the same colours and snip snip them all up and make an english paper pieced hexagon amalgamation!! I have been loving getting into my block of the month piecing, but have been lost as to what it will be once I am finished. My charm pack idea will be easier in just one shape with fabric I have chosen and much less planning for lay out. I am so excited.

AND Spotlight is having 30% off today and tomorrow so the solids shall be my Birthday present to myself and I can start on my big day tomorrow I hope :)

So very excited!! Ignoring the UFO's and being excited for a new project :p


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